;) (KR011)

by Big Phone



This EP introduces an exotic new voice to the world of techno. The production is panoramic, the sense of texture highly nuanced. Rhythms are pushed to the edge of sustainability and long spans of time disappear while you gaze entranced at Kenric's sonic inner visions.

When asked to describe his process Kenric says, "I use super knobby analog gear and jam everything out live to get an old school level of embodiment into the tracks. I've also geeked out pretty hard on harmonic systems including Just Intonation and Greek scales. All the tracks on this EP are in 7-limit JI or Pythagorean tuning. For me its about syntony with the Cosmos and Gnosticism."

Kenric's studio is tucked away in a dark and cold concrete corner of Seattle's Old Rainier Brewery. The brooding Seattle cloudscape and the acid glow of the giant neon R lend the place a dark ambience that fits well with long, winding Big Phone tracks. It's easy to imagine a dark, forgotten world of esoteric calculations and semi-sentient circuitry. But Kenric disagrees, "In dark places you have to move a lot of energy to stay healthy, and to do that you need funk and grooves. I'm always dancing while I work. You gotta sweat a little to bring out the light."


released February 17, 2014



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Knightriders Recordings Seattle, Washington

KRecordings are personified by the city of Seattle and it’s surroundings of natural beauty and wildlife. The musical anthology of this region also breathes life, creativity and emotion into these recordings.

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